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We are a full service Domestic and International Law Firm with offices in the United States and several foreign countries with members of the local bar on our staff.  We also have associate foreign vetted co-counsel attorneys in Latin America and the Caribbean where we do not have offices.  Our firm is dedicated to the goal of serving our clients and ensuring that their best interests are the first and most important priority of our firm. 

We handle a variety of international legal and investigative matters ranging from trademark infringement and diversion, foreign real estate disputes, business litigation and due diligence background reviews both within the United States and in Latin America, federal and international criminal defense, family law matters in Latin America and the Caribbean, corporate due diligence and business fraud cases, suspicious death and other insurance claims, computer forensic analysis, business forensic accounting, intellectual property litigation as well as employment and immigration law.  In addition, we accept most personal injury cases in the United States but in foreign countries, only injury cases with catastrophic injuries or wrongful death matters.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators and our firm has the benefit of having a main U.S. based office and other offices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  Our lawyers and investigators have a vast amount of legal and investigative experience overseas while assigned to U.S. Embassies in various countries throughout Central/South America and the Caribbean.  We know how foreign governments and foreign criminal and civil law regulations function in each of the countries and recognize the pitfalls of working with attorneys overseas who have not been vetted and often prove to be dishonest, incompetent or subject to corruption factors.  If one of the attorneys or investigators from our firm located in one of our offices abroad does not personally handle the matter at hand, we are confident that our associate attorneys and investigators overseas have a proven track record for honestly and competence.

Our firm often provides assistance to other U.S or European based law firms that are not familiar with the sensitive and often corrupt legal systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. 



         Senior Partner Michael Youngs, Esq.
Former FBI Special Agent Attorney-25 Years

Our firm represents clients wishing to form a corporation in Latin America or the Caribbean.  In addition, foreign citizens seek our assistance with business or real estate disputes in the United States.  We also defend individuals or companies charged with crimes in U.S. Federal Courts, Latin America or the Caribbean

Our law firm also has the capability to support stateside and European law firms as well as corporate entities in obtaining the essential investigative facts in legal cases due to our extensive foreign experience throughout the regions.  In legal cases relating to claims by employees against businesses for injuries or lost wages, our firm provides the legal support needed by a company to be used in legal proceedings both in the United States and other courts abroad.  We often obtain signed affidavits for law firms located both in the U.S. and Europe,  provide support for depositions or conduct legal property ownership or corporate interest research for both companies and fellow attorneys.

We provide the assistance needed by individuals in their legal case relating to contentious child custody battles or divorces as well.  Although we provide no advice on tax issues since such matters are often very complicated and better dealt with by specialists in the field or CPAs, we can refer our clients to tax attorneys who are certified in tax matters.  If a United States, European, Latin or citizen from the Caribbean is charged with a crime internationally we can provide advice to such clients since such accusations by a foreign government can be devastating to a person and his family.   

If a U.S. or non-U.S. citizen is injured in an car accident, trip and fall or other accident with injuries in the United States or catastrophic injuries or wrongful death in Latin America or the Caribbean, our attorneys can provide the needed advice to preserve the rights of the injured party. 

With regard to business litigation or due diligence, we can provide a complete report regarding companies or individuals with whom the client is considering as a partner or associate in a foreign country.  Our investigators in our international offices are competent, experienced and vetted former U.S. Federal law enforcement officers, attorneys or retired high level foreign police personnel. Thereafter if the client wishes to proceed based on our initial review of the company, we can prepare contracts to move forward with the business relationship.



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